Founded in 1971 and based in Barcelona, we are a family business currently run by the second generation with 50 years dedicated to the art world.

At the beginning of the 1970s, the marriage formed by Fernando Pinós and María Guirao began their activity as antique dealers in an establishment called Art Nouveau. In 1978 they moved to Consell de Cent 331, the emblematic street for art galleries in Barcelona, ​​where the hustle and bustle of Barcelona’s artistic scene was breathed, thus creating an attractive and unique emerging nucleus in Europe.

The change of location was followed by a name change and the new art gallery was christened Gothsland. Fernando Pinós was interested in finding an unpublished denomination, with a strong etymological charge related to both his city and country. Thus, he found this remarkable and unusual nomenclature in a XIX century volume of the History of Catalonia, a work by Antoni de Bofarull i Brocà. According to Bofarull, Gothsland –land of the Goths– was the name that the Germanic Franks, who were dominant during the Carolingian era, gave this territory which, with various linguistic transformations, ended with the contemporary name of Catalonia.