About us


Our objective is being the main entity that preserves and investigates Catalan Modernism. We disseminate and go in depth in its singularities to offer it as a museum experience to art lovers.



We want to be the specialised reference in Europe in regards to Catalan Modernism for the quality and traceability of our works.



Rigor, creativity and honesty define us. We offer a personalised attention to each of our clients.
With a proven career in the preservation and conservation of art as the result of an intense passion for Catalan Modernism, in 2010 the Pinós Guirao family decides to create the Museu del Modernisme de Barcelona in an ad hoc space: a building designed by the architect Enric Sagnier around 1903 in the central Eixample district of Barcelona. With the creation of the museum, the great gap that the city lacked was thus filled. The entity explicitly brought together the legacy of the first decades of the twentieth century celebrated in the Catalan capital.
In 2018, on the occasion of 40 years at Consell de Cent, the Pinós Guirao family announces the creation of Ramon Casas Estate, an independent and non-profit association that has born with the desire to disseminate and promote the work of Ramon Casas i Carbó in both national and international spheres as the highest representative of Catalan Modernism together with Antoni Gaudí. The association originates with the purposes of advising, protecting and preserving the artistic and vital legacy of the artist.